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Temple of Visions Gallery
'Womb of Creation'
International Visionary Art Show
Gallery grand opening, january 2010
Los Angeles, CA

Art Spirit Now
New Renaissance Artists
Spring 2010, Oregon


Events Archive

Select solo shows

Amrita Braindrops May 2007 San Francisco CA

Unspeakable Experiences Peanut Gallery April 2005 Seattle WA

David Heskin @ Lighting Design Studio December 2004 Seattle WA

Visions from Within/Beyond Artcore Studios june 2004 Seattle WA

David Heskin @ Rival Art Studios march 2004 Albuquerque NM

Tension & Severity Optic Nerve Arts january 2004 Portland OR

Group Shows

Art Spirit Now
 The Renaissance is Now
Portland, OR
may 2009

Interdimensional Art Tour International Visionary Art Show San Francisco, Montreal, Seattle, Eugene may-june 2009

Temple of Visions International Visionary Art Show The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA january 2009
Suite Jesus West coast Visionary artists 111 Minna Gallery, San Francisco CA november 2008 Unio Mystica Art of Aloria Weaver & David Heskin Travelers, Seattle WA june-july 2008 Little Red Studio Art of Aloria Weaver & David Heskin Seattle WA 5 shows, feb-july 2008

Breitenbush Resort
Art of Aloria Weaver & David Heskin
Detroit OR  january-march 2008

Interdimensional Art Show   
Gallery of the Senses     
Seattle WA may 2004- 2006 & 2008

Visionary Culture Co:laboratory
San Francisco CA  autumn 2004-2006

MetaMedia 3:: Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art University of Oregon march 2007 Visionary Trinity Art of David Heskin, Roman Villagrana & Luke Brown Gallery of the Senses Seattle WA march-april 2006 Avatar West Coast Visionary Artists @ Alex Grey's Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) NYC october 2005 Humandala Seattle WA october 2004
Intentional Gatherings

Beloved Festival
Oregon august 2009
Art Vigil & Gallery Installation

Jai Ganesh
New Years 2009
                                                                     Art Vigil & Gallery Installation

Beloved Festival 
Oregon august 2008
                                                                             Dreaming Co:nexus Art Temple

Somatic Revolution
Orcas Island WA new years 2008
                                                                             Live Painting & Gallery

Village Building Convergence 
Portland OR  may  2006 & 2007
                                                                              Mural & Installation

Symbiosis Gathering 
N California  september 2005, 2007 & 2009
Art Vigil & Gallery Installation

Harmony Festival 
Santa Rosa CA  june 2006 & 2007
Live Painting & Gallery

MAPS Fundraiser 
San Francisco CA  april 2007
Live Painting & Gallery

Visionary Conclave
Evergreen State College
Olympia WA  april 2007

Oracle Gatherings
Seattle WA 2004-2008
Live Painting & Gallery

Chicago IL may 2006
Live Painting & Gallery

Earthdance  N California 
september 2003 – 2006
 Paintings for Peace

BC august 2004- 2005
Crystal Creek BC july 2004-2005
Vancouver BC march 2005
Portland OR 2005
Vancouver BC december 2004 Awakening Divine Imagination Benefit for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Portland OR 2004
Asheville NC new years 2003